As part of Best Execution obligations under MiFID II, the RTS 27 regulation requires Zeal Capital Market (UK) Limited to publish quarterly reports with information about how well we execute trades (the quality of execution) based on a range of execution factors, including price, cost, and likelihood of execution.

Pursuant to our obligations under RTS 28, as set out at Annex 1 of COBS 111 (the “COBS Rules on RTS 28”), as an investment firm, Zeal Capital Market (UK) Limited is also required to identify the top five execution venues where client orders have been executed in the preceding calendar year, by asset class and trading volumes.

Below you can find periodic data in response to the above reporting requirements:

RTS 27 Publication

Q2 – 2019

Q3 – 2019

Q4 – 2019

Q1 – 2020

Q2 – 2020

Q3 – 2020

Q4 – 2020